Creating Custom Scarves

Creating custom scarves starts with a concept for the design and how it will print.  There are no particular rules about designing a scarf but there are some principles to keep in mind when creating the design namely, how will the finished scarf look when folded and worn?

Traditionally, with a square scarf design you will want a central focus as well as decorative border treatments.  The border elements and corners of the scarf should consider how the scarf will look when folded and near the face.  A square scarf is often considered a small narrative or illustration with a prominent subject in the center and design elements that integrate with the central story of the scarf.

If you are starting out designing a square scarf, there are numerous exceptional examples to consider in the tradition of scarf design including Ferragamo and Hermés.

Oblong scarves can have a different design orientation because of how they will be worn. An oblong scarf can be worn wrapped or hanging long, so the design motifs should be considered accordingly. Creating a design for an oblong scarf can include patterns and less of a central motif by virtue of the shape itself. One thing to include in the design idea is how the ultimate wearer will enjoy the scarf and share the design with others when it is noticed.  If your wearer removes the scarf for closer inspection or to tell the story of the scarf you have a successful design.

When creating a design, it is important also to consider the size of the scarf as the amount of silk used in the scarf will impact the cost to produce the design.  We can review sizes with you at the outset of the process to be sure your design will have the right effect on the end user.

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